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Wells Rd
Bath, BA2 3AP
United Kingdom

0117 2140 262

Wine Tasting Bath, Wine Course Bath, Hen Party Bath, Hen Party Wine Tastings, Private Wine Tasting Bath

Wine Tastings - from £17.50

Wine Tasting Bath | Courses

Wine Tasting Bath, Wine Courses Bath, Private Wine Tasting Bath, Corporate Wine tasting Bath, The Great Wine School

Wine Tastings - from £17.50

wine tasting bath poggio
wine tasting bath poggio

Wine Tastings - from £17.50


Wine Tasting in Bath from £17.50

Informal, relaxed wine tastings exploring wines from all over the world. An excellent taster session for our courses with something for everyone.

Please see drop down menu below for dates and availability.

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Wine Tastings in Bath

Come and discover great wines from all over the world with our fascinating wine tasting nights.

These mouthwatering bite-sized events give you the opportunity to discover new and interesting wines from around the world chosen by us to represent great value, interest and quality. 

We'll give lots of information, hints and tips as we go, and we'll choose an interesting and varied selection of wines to show you what each country or region has to offer, with something to interest everyone - These are monthly events so you can even come back and make it a regular social appointment!

All of our tastings are relaxed and friendly, and you don't need any previous experience or wine knowledge - just come along and enjoy! Crackers and tasting notes to take away at the end of the tasting will be provided.

THIS EVENT MAKES A PERFECT GIFT ! You will be given an option to select your purchase as a gift in our checkout area, we will then send you a gift certificate by email or post to present to your guest.

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FEB: Wed 28th -  South African Safari

7pm - 9pm / Great Western Wine

Come and discover the amazing quality, diversity and value on offer from SA as we taste through classic to modern styles and uncover some fascinating history along the way.

MAR: Wed 28th - Que Syrah, Syrah

7pm - 9pm / Great Western Wine

Red only this month! Same grape, different name, different styles - join us for an eye-opening tasting of Syrah and Shiraz wines from around the world.

APR: Wed 25th -  Classically Cool 

7pm - 9pm / Great Western Wine

From Chianti and Chablis to Cali Cab Sauv and Chateauneuf, come along to taste and learn about some of the world's most famous classic wines.

MAY: Wed 23rd - The Brit Pack 

7pm - 9pm / Great Western Wine

There's never been a better time to taste English wine, so we're going to focus on both fizzy and flat wines and discover what all the fuss is about.

JUNE: Wed 27th - Location, Location, Location 

7pm - 9pm / Great Western Wine

Factors like altitude, soil type and climate all have a role to play in the style of wine produced. Join us for a fascinating and comparative tasting of wines exploring the difference 'terroir' can have on wine style.

JULY: Wed 25th - Interesting Whites & Refreshing Reds

7pm - 9pm / Great Western Wine

As we step into summer, let us help you discover some more unusual whites and reds perfect for seasonal sipping in the sun ( of Öküzgözü, anyone?).