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Wine Tasting Bath, Wine Course Bath, Hen Party Bath, Hen Party Wine Tastings, Private Wine Tasting Bath

Wine Tastings - £15

Wine Tasting Bath | Courses

Wine Tasting Bath, Wine Courses Bath, Private Wine Tasting Bath, Corporate Wine tasting Bath, The Great Wine School

Wine Tastings - £15

wine tasting bath poggio
wine tasting bath poggio

Wine Tastings - £15


Wine Tasting in Bath £15

Informal, relaxed wine tastings exploring wines from all over the world. An excellent taster session for our courses with something for everyone.

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Wine Tastings in Bath

Come and discover great wines from all over the world with our fascinating wine tasting nights.

These mouthwatering bite-sized events give you the opportunity to sample new and interesting wines from around the world chosen by us to represent great value and quality. 

As always and we'll give lots of information, hints and tips as we go, and we'll choose an interesting and varied selection of wines to show you what each country has to offer the modern wine drinker, with something to interest everyone - You can even come back and make it a regular social appointment!

All of our tastings are relaxed and friendly, and you don't need any previous experience or wine knowledge - just come along and enjoy! Artisan bread and tasting notes to take away at the end of the tasting will be provided.

THIS EVENT MAKES A PERFECT GIFT ! You will be given an option to select your purchase as a gift in our checkout area, we will then send you a gift certificate by email or post to present to your guest.

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INSPIRING IBERIA | Wine Tasting in Bath

Weds 8th February | 7.30pm - 9.30pm | Great Western Wine Shop, Bath | £15

Discover the innovation, quality and diversity to be found in the historic wine producing countries of Spain & Portugal by tasting a selection of delicious and diverse white, red and fortified wines in a small and friendly group.

In this fascinating hands-on tasting we'll look at the classic wines of Rioja, Sherry, Port and Madeira next to the innovation, diversity and quality on offer from the more modern wines being produced in each country

With the international reputation of the wines from these two countries continuing to grow, we believe that there is no better time to explore them, and you will leave this course with a heightened awareness of both the quality traditional and innovative more modern styles being produced in each country.

VINO ITALIANO | Wine Tasting in Bath

Weds 15th March | 7.30pm - 9.30pm | Great Western Wine Shop, Bath | £15

We are extremely lucky to have such a fantastic portfolio of Italian wines at Great Western Wine, and this is a superb opportunity to expand your knowledge and appreciation of both our range and Italian wines in general. 

Over a delicious two-hour tasting we'll help you familiarise yourself with this picturesque and romantic country by tasting a hand-picked selection of fine Italian wines from some of the very best winemakers in Italy.

We'll explore a little of Italy's rich history and culture as we go, and help you get to grips with some of the classic wine regions and grapes in a deliciously fun and hands-on way!

AMAZING AMERICAS | Wine Tasting in Bath

Weds 12th April | 7.30pm - 9.30pm | Great Western Wine Shop, Bath | £15

We'll be opening up and exploring some of our favourite wines from Chile, Argentina and the USA in this deliciously hands-on taste tour of the Americas. Experience for yourself the diversity, innovation, great value and superb quality of wines being produced as we take a look at what each country has to offer.

We'll discover a little of each countries history as we go, and explore some stunning viticultural geography - from to arid desert plateau to cool coastal vineyards and high altitude mountain vineyards along the way.

This is a tasting not to be missed!

A TOUR DE FRANCE | Wine Tasting in Bath

Weds 17th May | 7.30pm - 9.30pm | Great Western Wine, Bath | £15

Spend a fascinating and evening tasting the delicious and diverse wines of France - from Burgundy to Bordeaux!

France is one of the world's biggest wine-producing countries with a vast area under vine. It is the spiritual home to the majority of commercially popular grapes  (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cab Sauv, Chenin Blanc and Malbec to name a few!), produces a hugely diverse variety of wines, has a long and rich culinary history and what's more... IT'S RIGHT ON OUR DOORSTEP!

Join us on a wine tasting tour of France's classic wine regions as we sample her delicious and diverse wines in a fun and relaxed environment.

NEW ZEALAND | Wine Tasting in Bath

Weds 14th June | 7.30pm - 9.30pm | Great Western Wine, Bath | £15

It was the high sugar, high acid style of Sauvignon from the northern tip of the South Island in Marlborough that really accelerated interest in New Zealand and first tickled the world's wine drinkers' attention with its zingy, intense and aromatic wines.

But as New Zealand continues to explore its geological patchwork of jagged mountain ranges, open plains, volcanic plateau and endless stretches of coastline for other perfect combinations of terroir and grape, it is discovering more and more exciting styles. Not just of Sauvignon but of other grapes too, such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, which thrive in this unique microclimate.

We invite you to come and explore for yourself the quality and diversity of New Zealand wines in this fascinating, hands-on guided tour by tasting a superb selection of wines in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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