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Xmas Tips # 4 - For Turkey

Tristan Darby

Perhaps the most self-explanatory in this series of Blogs, this one is for the traditionalists among you, that are going to get a big 'ole bird in the oven for the main event. 

As always, I've chosen a few wines to suit different palates and budgets. However, it's not just the turkey we're pairing to the wine here, as it's not the most flavoursome of meats, but also the plethora of other items on the plate.

With that in mind, it's best to go for medium to full-bodied wines that can stand up to everything and still carry the essential flavour.

Happy Basting!


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Xmas Wine Tips #3 - For Fireside

Tristan Darby

Despite what the daily mail might tell us, we'll probably not get a white Christmas this year (surprise), it might not even be that cold - but that won't stop most of us from donning a naff wooly jumper, popping a few logs on the fire, and settling down for a spot of well-earned seasonal relaxation.

So for today's tips, I'm choosing a few of my favourite wines with a bit more warmth, depth and all round palate-hugging nom-ness to help you relax and self-congratulate on the past twelve months hard slog.

Go-on. You've earned it!


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Xmas Wine Tips #2 - For Sipping

Tristan Darby

Christmas is easily my favourite time of year, and a golden opportunity to loosen the belt a notch (or three), slap on the seasonal Sinatra and kick back with the nearest and dearest for a marathon of thanksgiving, enjoyment and over-indulgence.

But as much as the season and food choices will dictate the need for us to stock up on more robust 'wintery' wines, with all that richness and indulgence it's a good idea to have a few bottles in that are perfect for lighter bites and simple sipping.

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Xmas Wine Tips #1 - Xmas Fizz

Tristan Darby

Christmas is a time for celebration, thanksgiving and indulgence - so it gives us the perfect excuse to grab a few bottles of fizz for festive toasting and seasonal supping with our loved ones.

I've chosen some sparkling wines at different price points that offer heaps of drinking pleasure and great value for money (so you can afford to buy a few more bottles, of course). Enjoy!

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